21 augusti, 2019

Book signings – buy the perfect present for your Swedish-speaking friends and family at Falsterbo Bird Show!

Several authors of fascinating nature books will be participating at Falsterbo Bird Show. Take this opportunity to buy Christmas presents with a dedication from the author – the best Christmas present anyone could hope for – infinite memories and infinite pleasure!


The following book signings will take place at Naturbokhandeln’s stand:

Lars Jonsson has a completely new book on Birdsong, pictures and text by Lars.

Martin Emtenäs has a children’s book called Wild Animals and a book encouraging us to Enjoy Sweden’s Nature.

Magnus Ullmann has just released his book “Chicken brain, magnetic compass and shared parenthood”. In addition, the third and final part of Sweden’s Bird Locales has been published, ‘Bird Locales in Norrland’. This will be signed as well as the first two parts.

Pav Jonsson with his new book about Öland’s nature and species.


The following book signing will take place at Skånes Ornitologiska Förening’s stand on Saturday:

Kenneth Bengtsson has recently published his book “Loon in the kitchen and a pheasant in the barbecue”.

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