We are looking for volunteers!

Do you have a passion for nature?
Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge?
Would you like to meet others with an interest in nature?

You may be just the person we are looking for!

We are looking for volunteers to help at Southern Sweden’s largest bird and nature show, Falsterbo Bird Show 2019. The show is organised by SOF Birdlife, Skånes Ornitologiska Förening (SkOF) and Vellinge Municipality. The purpose of the show is to raise the general public’s interest in nature and birds as well as to generate a surplus that can be used to protect birds and to care for nature.

The show begins on 27th August with three days of pedagogic activities for children and adolescents, each day starting at 10:00 and finishing at 14:00. More than a thousand children will visit and try their hand at general activities such as binocular school, collecting creepy crawlies, trawling, bird bingo etc.

As a volunteer you will be expected to help to man the various stations. You do not need to be a qualified naturalist or particularly knowledgeable about birds, there are clear instructions at all the stations and experienced colleagues to help you. We treat you to lunch as a thank you.
We also need volunteers to help during the actual show days (30st August – 1st September) with tasks such as responsibility for the car park, manning the entrance booths, letting people in an out of the lecture hall etc. If you can spare several days, one of the days or just a few hours (minimum 4), we will treat you to lunch as thanks.

For more information and to apply, contact 

Sophie Tranborg, sophie.tranborg@vellinge.se, 0730-408040
(Children activities)

Eva Engberg, seeveg@gmail.com
(Bird Show)

Anette Barr, anette@j4c.se
(Children activities)