Birdwatching is on the rise. In Sweden, the interest in birds is increasing, and in recent years birdwatching has been the outdoor leisure activity that has grown most rapidly in the United States. So we are not alone in our love for birds.


Today, more than 25 000 Swedes are members of the ornithological associations – at national or regional level, or in a local bird club. And the number of members is growing.


Birdwatching can be so much. For many, studying raptors over the Falsterbo peninsula can be the optimal way to experience nature. Others travel to remote islands in the archipelago in search for off track Siberian rarities in the shrubbery. Some complement touristing during their holiday to the southern latitudes with a few days watching the colourful, exotic birds. Many are content enjoying life around the garden bird feeder in winter or nestbox in summer.


Birdwatching is simply watching birds, to be fascinated by and to enjoy these fabulous, winged creatures. It is also about building a deepened commitment to helping preserve a rich bird life and a healthy environment for us all.