From Tuesday to Thursday school children and their teachers from Vellinge, Malmö and Trelleborg municipalities will visit Falsterbo Bird Show to participate in the nature activities educational programme. Hundreds of children will take part in activities such as binocular school, birdsong recognition, ringing demonstrations, finding creepy crawlies and much more.


Programme for children and their teachers
Monday  aug 31:st – Thursday sept 3:d    9.30 – 13.00 


  • Bird ringing demonstration by Falsterbo Bird Observatory
  • Bird bingo
  • Nature Quiz walks
  • Finding and identifying creepy crawlies in the woods with nets and magnifiers
  • Aerodynamic experiments
  • How to recognise bird song from recordings, mnemonics and other tricks
  • Binocular school (bird watching live as well as picture birds)
  • Trawling from the beach
  • Bird art, we create birds from different materials
  • Making of birdfeeders from empty milk cartons

    Nature inspired games such as memory, under the wings of a hawk, bat game and here comes the sparrowhawk.
    Animal tracks with Skånes djurpark (zoo)