19 januari, 2018

Naturum Falsterbo

Naturum Falsterbo is one of 33 Naturum in Sweden and functions as a gateway to the Falsterbo Peninsula’s rich nature. The term ”Naturum” was created in the 1970s on the initiative of Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency in order to increase interest in and knowledge of nature and cultural history, plant and animal life, geology and nature conservation. A guided viewing of the exhibition takes place at 11:30 every Saturday and Sunday under normal opening hours. The viewing takes approximately 15 minutes and is open to all. We also arrange other types of events, presentations and viewing throughout the year for adults and children. We recommend that groups wishing for a guided tour of the exhibitions should book in advance.


Information on booking and arrangements:


School classes: naturum@falsterbostrandbad.se

Groups: jeanette.jandermark@vellinge.se

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