Falsterbo Bird Show 2019 – 10-years anniversary

Falsterbo Bird Show was first held in September 2010. It is an international nature event in Scania which, in addition to lectures and activities, consists of a three days long open-air fair.


Falsterbo Bird Show is held on the first parquet by the spectacular house known as Falsterbo Strandbad. In addition to a lecture hall and restaurant, Naturum and a Tourist Center are found in the house. There is a platform up on the roof where you can follow the migrating birds at relatively close range. Falsterbo Bird Show is arranged during the peak migration for many bird species, especially birds of prey. It offers superb opportunities for exclusive nature experiences.


Falsterbo Bird Show is arranged in order to rise interest of biodiversity in general and birds and bird conservation in particular. The target groups are Swedish and foreign visitors as well as locals, birdwatchers and people interested in nature in general.


During the week before the Falsterbo Bird Show weekend, pupils from pre-schools and schools in neighboring towns are invited to nature education activities. For three days, about 1,300 students get to learn about nature in general and birds in particular. We offer binocular-school, nestbox construction, netting along the beach, tip rounds with nature/bird theme and, not least, demonstration of bird ringing.


At the fair you will find stands and products from the outdoor industry (cameras, binoculars, clothes, etc.), the travel industry and book publishers. Authors, photographers, artists, food producers, nature organizations and associations will also be given the opportunity to show their work and present their activities.


Guided tours concerning birds, spiders and dragonflies will be held for the public, and demonstration of bird ringing and many different types of lectures and presentations will be on the program, as well as other activities for families and kids.


The restaurant at Falsterbo Strandbad will offer the fair visitors high quality food of prices for everyone. Access to wireless Internet is found in the house.


Any financial surplus from Falsterbo Bird Show will go to bird conservation, both locally and globally. The event has a strong nonprofit profile and a staff of unpaid volunteers will assist with the event.


The main organizers of the Falsterbo Bird Show are Vellinge municipality, BirdLife Sweden and the Ornithological Society of Scania.